Welcome on board our rockets!

Enrolment from 17th April to 26th May
From 26th June to 28th July
From 8 a.m to 17 p.m
Working language: English
Fee: 50€ (to discount from total fee)

ind out everything we will experiment in our space adventure

New technologies and LEGO

An astronaut faces many difficulties when he crosses space, creativity is absolutely necessary to get out of each and every situation. We will learn how to be creative and navigate whatever situation we may encounter on the journey. For this, according to our age, we will work with robots or LEGO pieces


We like to watch movies of other crews like us. Also, we will make our own popcorn.

Sport games y Watergames

Our crew likes to be agile and exercise our psychomotricity.

Cooperative games

A good astronaut has to learn that success comes from teamwork. Belonging to a crew involves learning to work cooperatively, to communicate and share our ideas.

We are scientists

We are restless, we will make small experiments to know the solar system and planets better.

Outdoors activities

Once a week we will leave the school to enjoy the open air of planet Earth and we will have fun doing different types of activities and spaces.

Little Chef

A good astronaut has to be very well fed. We will learn how to prepare easy and delicious dishes.
English used all the time
Weekly prices
Use of new technologies
Building a robot
From 26th June to 29th July
Learn Playing

ur methodology

Fly to the Moon

During the week we will work on topics related to the moon and space travel. Each crew will build our rocket and on Friday we will record a MANIQUI CHALLENGE so you can see the result.

exploring the solar system

During the week we will work on issues related to the solar system and then we will build it. On Friday we will record a FLASHMOB.

Let’s survive on Mars

We are going to travel to the planet Mars. It is a planet that fascinates us. Each crew will outline a plan on how to survive on Mars and will prepare the instructions and elements for a final GINCANA on Friday.
Also, this week WE SLEEP ON MARS! We will spend the night at school.

We discover an unknown planet!

The two crews will fly in our respective rockets and we will find an unknown planet. We will show it to you in a great MOSAIC.


This last week we have to prepare to leave our rocket, but some strange creatures have appeared... We will show them to you in an incredible STOPMOTION.